Monday 1 July 2013

Aleska's 3 week update

Aleska has been here just over 3 weeks but her feet are already making some good changes so its time for an update. She had been out of shoes for over 6 weeks when she arrived but had been shod previously and the nail holes were still visible. She also had a distorted hairline which is usually a sign of poor medio-lateral balance 
Three weeks later and the hairline is starting to level out and the nail holes are nearly gone. The long hoof wall and toe is her old hoof capsule - it looks flared because the new growth is much better connected, as you can see if you look at the top band of the hoof.
Aleska was landing heel first when she arrived but even so there has already been an improvement in her frog, heels and soles since she has spent time on the tracks.
Her main issue is her medio-lateral balance and its good to see that this is settling as well - the lateral side of her frog is less distorted and its beginning to be more symmetrical.
The same lateral distortion can be seen on her RF as well, along with that long flared hoof wall. 
Though its improving, the lateral side of her foot is weaker and although her frog has now evened up, the rest of her foot still has to follow. This is her lamest foot so better balance should make a difference to her overall comfort levels. 

More on Aleska soon! 

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