Friday, 28 June 2013

Charlie B's 12 week update

Charlie B has now been here for just oer 12 weeks and its time for an update. These photos are interesting  - taken at the same angle on the same surface but telling very different stories. 
Above is day one, the lower photo is yesterday. 
A nice band of new hoof growth and though the new angle is changing less dramatically than in some horses its undoubtedly still there, especially when you look at the back of his foot. 
Here are his sole shots - again, they tell their own story but a healthier frog from day one (above)... 8 weeks... 12 weeks...Better heels, better frog and better concavity, even though he still has lots to do. 
And my favourite - the caudal shot, showing not only how much his foot has developed but how much straighter it is now. 
Below are stills from his footage over 12 weeks. 
On arrival, in his shoes he was fully extending but then tipping his foot so instead of landing fully heel first he was only landing flat on this foot - as you can see below, though his LF landing was better. 
He was also landing laterally and this too has improved as you can see on his 8 week update. We didn't include m/l footage this time - my error - so will add that later. 
Out of shoes and 8 weeks later Charlie is landing heel first on this foot but its fairly tentative.
At 12 weeks the landing is clearer, more confident and more established. 
Here is Charlie's footage for those who are interested.


jenj said...

Another fabulous success story. Go Charlie B!

Dom said...

Sooooo much better. I actually let out a big breath at the first pair of photos.