Monday, 10 June 2013

Good news - you've done it again!

Well, thanks to all of you who sent good vibes Wally's way because the shockwave treatment seems to have done its job! He still has one treatment to go but I was so impressed when I put him on the lunge on Friday that I decided to see how he felt under saddle. 
And look - proper step under with his LH - clever boy - as well as a nice stretch out in front. 
I am absolutely delighted for Wally and for his owner, Ruth and huge thanks are also due to our fab vets Anna Ehrle and Gordon Sidlow who diagnosed his LH suspensory injury and have treated it so successfully. 
But back to the front legs - Wally's original problem - and here is a quick recap of how his feet have changed over just under 4 months. 
Look how much the palmar hoof has improved and how much more supportive the heels and digital cushion have become. 
You can see that once the new hoof capsule has completely grown in, he will have a much shorter toe and his hoof will be in a much better position to take the load from the limb above. Clever Wally!


RedsMum said...

Oooh that's brilliant, well done Wally, I'm sure Red wouldbe most impressed if only d=she could remember who you were... :)

Nic Barker said...

She's a minx!

Unknown said...

Well what marvellous news fir wally and his owner!! Keep it up wally! Beanie send his best to his fellow crazy field companion to!