Monday, 3 June 2013

Itsy's first 3 weeks

Itsy has now been here 3 weeks. It was clear almost from day one that she was in a hurry to change her feet. 
Now we are 3 weeks down the line there is a clear difference not just in her frogs but in the overall shape of her feet. Its nice to see her heels coming back and her foot start to function properly. 

There is a big difference from the lateral view too. You can see the horizontal crack in her first photo and in the most recent photo its grown down and he weak hoof wall below it has broken off. That's not a problem for her and its nice to see her heels and digital cushion becoming more substantial too. 

Itsy's RF is her weaker leg - she is still lame on this leg in trot and its clearly caused her problems in the past. If anything, this foot is changing even more than the LF. Her heels still need to come back more and once they do so that will be a good indication that she is engaging her palmar hoof and landing heel first. 

Luckily Itsy has a handy stripe down her hoof which helps show what is happening. Its more upright and shows that her toe is shortening and her heel is stronger. Early days but heading the right way.


AmandaB said...

Really encouraging to see these changes in such a short time. It also demonstrates the ultra effectiveness of the track surfaces when you think that in the past she has lost a shoe and it has been a week before it was put back on with no discernible change to the foot at all !

Nic Barker said...

incredible, Amanda, when you consider how fast she is changing now!

Nic Barker said...
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