Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Freddie's 6 week update

Freddie the eventer has now been here for 6 weeks. He is a lovely chap but he arrived with very under-run heels, long toes and thin soles. This naturally had led to a toe-first landing and he'd been diagnosed by his vet, Chris Tufnell, as having poor medio-lateral balance and bone damage, particularly on his RF.

Here are comparison stills from his footage - the top is day one, when he was clearly landing toe first. 
Today he has a better landing and this is encouraging because the fact that he is now willing to engage his palmar hoof is what will - over time - help his hooves to develop. 
Looking at his photos its clear that his hooves are growing and changing. The nail holes are gone and his toe is shorter but the back of his foot has a long way to go; however that should now start to change, with this better landing.
You can see the beginnings of a better angle of growth but this is still a very weak foot.
Frog is better but there is a long way to go. 
Here is his full footage

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