Thursday, 6 June 2013

Rehab horses out and about

Its just too nice a day to post anything other than fun photos of former rehab horses out and about and having fun!
First up Amanda and Lucy, looking stunning as always out jumping recently. 
Next are Sarah and Solar who went out stressaging and came 4th in their class with 65% - well done both of you and Solar looks amazing!

I have also been told that BBB, another of last year's boys, is out show-jumping 1m 25 - but no pics, so I can't jinx him ;-)

Last but not least, Rachel and Rolo - who has only been home a fairly short time. I had an email updating me on his progress (though sadly no pics!):

"We have been hacking so much he is bursting at the seams ready to go, very jolly, so I thought right, another lesson!

What a legend he was: counter cantering, leg yielding, shoulder in, 10m CIRCLES! 1/2 10 m circles, walk trot and canter and he is raring to go. I on the other hand need a cold towel! 

Very pleased, some of his best work!"

Well done everyone - awesome work!

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