Friday, 7 June 2013

More lessons in "normal" from mustangs

Thanks to Sam Beckett for sending me this great photo taken at a round-up of mustangs!
I love it because - once again - we have some slightly wacky looking feet functioning just fine and seemingly well-adapted to tough terrain and high performance.

Like my earlier post with photos of Wyoming mustang feet these hooves provide a reminder that "normal and healthy" doesn't necessarily equate to "textbook and symmetrical".

Meanwhile, back on Exmoor its another busy day, with a new horse arriving and a big day for Wally as we find out whether the shockwave treatment on his hind leg has done its job. Good vibes his way, please folks and I will let you know how its all gone soon!
Also just time to say GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN to Lainey and Bailey, who are off to camp and Georgia and Dom who are out and about this weekend. Don't forget to send me pics :-)

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