Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mina after a week

This is rather an early update but Helen came to visit Mina at the weekend because she is away for a few weeks after that so we decided to take some new footage and photos even though Mina had only been here for a week. 
Its interesting to compare this shot of Mina in her reverse shoe (taken about a week before she arrived) with the same foot this weekend. My feeling is that, even only a week out of the shoe, the hairline is starting to be less distorted but time will tell. 

This is her worse foot - RF - so it will be fascinating to see how she progresses. 

Nothing much to see with the pad and reverse shoe...
...then bingo - a half decent foot under there after all!

One of the important reasons for assessing her last weekend was because Mina has had a lot to deal with in the last week. She has been on box rest for several months, not getting sounder, and was on 2 bute per day when she arrived. Understandably, we were all concerned with how she would cope with the triple whammy of coming off box-rest, off bute and out of shoes. 
I'd already agreed with Helen and with vet Chris Tufnell that we would monitor Mina on a weekly basis; if she didn't seem to be coping there would be tough decisions to make. 

The footage above shows Mina on a trot-up and walk up  - the first clips are in shoes and on bute, the second clips are barefoot and having gone "cold turkey". There is lots of work ahead of us, of course, but its fantastic to see that she is already responding well - certainly no worse and possibly slightly better than on day one.  


Krista said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. That's seriously impressive. I think she looked fractionally better in the second trot up video too. I'm looking forward to seeing how she progresses and will keep everything crossed that she continues to improve

lyndac said...

Interesting stuff! She's coped with a massive change really well, will follow her progress with interest.

jenj said...

Wow, she certainly is no worse than in shoes and buted, and in some aspects is already looking much better! She does seem to be a wee bit suspicious of the camera though in the last bit of walk footage, lol!

Nic Barker said...

LOL Jen - I think she thought me sitting on the floor might be a feed bucket!

AmandaB said...

Must be very heartening for her owner to see her cope without Bute and the dreaded box rest! Will follow her progress with much interest. Good luck.