Tuesday 9 July 2013

Chester's first 2 weeks

Time for a quick update on Chester, who arrived 2 weeks ago with lots going on in his feet. This is his "better" foot...
...with the comparison of the same foot 2 weeks later below. As usual, no trimming was required or carried out; he has lowered his heels and hoof wall for himself and as you can see his frog and heels are also de-contracting and becoming stronger. 
 This is the lateral shot of the same foot. 
Again, without trimming he has already shortened his toe and brought his heels back. 
His "worse" foot was his RF. It was more severely contracted than the LF and has a particularly crushed and distorted lateral side. The ridge of bar extending on the  medial side may well be a reflection of this.
I know a lot of trimmers and farriers would love to get in there with a hoof knife and make it all look prettier but in fact Chester is more than capable of dealing with his own feet. As is often the case, trimming bar and heel would be dealing with the symptom without addressing the cause. 
Far more effective, in my opinion, to allow his feet to develop, strengthen and load properly and then - guess what - by addressing the cause the symptoms disappear as well. 
 This is his RF on day one. 
After a fortnight his toe is shorter; his heels (as you can see from the sole shots too) have yet to catch up, but by the time of his next update I would expect his feet to look much less under-run.

Chester's landing is also beginning to improve  - video to follow...

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M's mum said...

Brilliant changes in 2 weeks - go Chester :-)