Wednesday 3 July 2013

Making progress...

This was us at about mid-day yesterday...One truck and trailer, one tractor and trailer and one telehandler, shifting 22 tonnes of rubber chip from Five Cross Ways, a mile away, back to the arena.
The telehandler made a huge difference (thanks Albert and the boys!) and was a much safer way of moving the bags than the tractor spikes, which would have struggled as the bags were so tall. 
 Not the biggest space to manoeuvre in, but luckily we are all quite good at reversing!
Starting to look I just need to get going with the tractor bucket and quad to get the mountains levelled out a bit...
...but in the end there is no avoiding an awful lot of raking by hand, and more to finish off today...That'll be another day (as the saying goes) when I don't need to go to the gym...(!)

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Unknown said...

Looks fabulous!