Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Chester's 6 week comparison

Chester will have been here 6 weeks on Friday so although I'm a little early, its time for an update.
When he arrived he had the usual long toes, under-run heels and weak palmar hoof. On MRI he had lots going on, including bilateral DDFT and impar ligament damage and damage to the navicular bone. He had come out of shoes and been trimmed a few times before he came down - you can still see the nail-holes from his last set of shoes which had come off about 6 weeks earlier. 
Five and a bit weeks further on and his toes is shorter and his heels are beginning to improve. Still under-run of course as he has only just started using the back of his foot properly and its still weak. He hasn't been trimmed to make these changes, they have happened naturally as his foot has strengthened. 
You can see how contracted his heels are and he also had a ridge of sole extending from his bars when he arrived. This is usually a sign of a compromised foot and its makes horses generally much less comfortable if its trimmed off. 
Once the foot is working more as it should, the sole ridge, bars and contraction can begin to sort themselves out. His sole and frog are healthier although still very weak. 

Same story on his LF with toe and heels improving and giving a better hoof pastern axis as well. 

Again, a contracted foot with a frog and bars that desperately need to get stronger. Trimming bits off them  - or indeed taking his heels down or his toe back - is not the best way to strengthen them!

In his footage you can see how his landing was compromised not just in front but behind too - he is sliding both hind feet rather than placing them correctly. 6 weeks on things are beginning to improve but he has a way to go. As his palmar hoof develops his landing will improve and as his landing improves his palmar hoof will develop. 

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