Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Blog, interrupted (but the ex-rehabs are going strong)

The blog has to take a back seat today because we've got 3 hayfields cut  - too early, really, for up here but the weather is too good to miss. Andy has done his hours on the tractor so today is my turn, which means the horses here get to lounge in the shade and eat all day while I'm rushing about!
No excuses for these guys, though...I love this photo of Bailey and Lainey, taken just after their 3rd barefoot anniversary, which I blogged about last week - don't they look fab?!
Kate and Rolie have also gone out and done the business again, with a double win at the weekend - big congratulations to them!

And last but not least, the frilly won by Amanda and Lucy in their first 90 round  - on grass too :-) They are competing BE90 at the end of the month so wish them luck, folks :-)

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