Wednesday 24 July 2013

Blood, sweat and tears

Another fabulous update, this time from Hannah and Candy, who went home last year.
As all rehab owners know, the hard work, stress, blood, sweat and tears (ok, maybe not quite that bad, but you get the picture) really starts when horses get home and when there are still several months of rehab ahead of you. 
This is the time when you find out how risky your grazing is, how supportive (or otherwise) your friends are and how many hours of exercise and work it takes to grow a new hoof capsule!
No-one can deny how committed Hannah has been. She and Candy have worked in rain, snow, sun and everything in between. More importantly, she (and her support team) have risen to the challenge of the steep learning curve which we have all experienced once our horses went barefoot and once the responsibility for the feet was mostly down to just horse and rider...

Its hard work and it can feel like a huge responsibility but, on the upside, no-one can take away the feeling of satisfaction and pride when it all comes together as it obviously has for these two!

Rehab owners all, I salute you :-)


RedsMum said...

As one of those "hard" workers I just wanted to say what a lovely job I have to do at the moment, Red is an absolute pleasure and I'm eternally grateful to you Nic for getting her back on track. Very happy slave at the moment :) :)

Hannah said...

Very chuffed by this Nic, thank you for the salute! A few more tears shed today (pride this time).

I must pass on the salute to the wonderful Doreen who supported us through the year on so many different levels, and is still smiling and resolutely only seeing the positive! Couldn't have got here without her.

It's funny it never occurs to us to take pictures in the rain: the all important RAIN photo is missing from the above. It felt like at least half of all the year's miles were ridden in the wet!

Onward and upwards to us all x

Doreen said...

Oh bless Hannah - there were so many positives over the last year, it was up and down but I think that ultimately we just had to believe in the positives to get us through the more challenging times! And Candy is so worth the effort, and the hard work, and doing roadwork in the pouring rain ;) Very proud of her - and Hannah :)

Nic Barker said...

Well done all of you - some very lucky and very special horses out there. So pleased Sue for you and Red too!