Saturday 27 July 2013

Hoof growth, foot balance and frogs - Itsy's final update

Itsy is off home this weekend and although I posted her footage a week or so ago, there are some last photos to update in today's blog.  
Comparing her stance from day one till today the biggest changes are that she is pointing her RF less (and of course is much, much sounder on it) and loading her feet more evenly. 

Her frogs and heels started to improve almost immediately and 12 weeks on are looking much better. The damage you can see in the lower photo is an old injury which is growing out - it doesn't bother her now though she was lame on this foot some weeks ago. 

A much shorter toe and more substantial palmar hoof - and though its hard to be sure I'd say the hairline is less deviated now as well. You can also chart her hoof growth by looking at the horizontal crack which is about a third of the way down in the top photo. 
Here it is at about 6 weeks - the dark area below is where weak hoof wall below the crack has chipped away.
At 12 weeks the crack is at ground level, meaning that Itsy should have grown a complete new hoof capsule within about 6 months of her shoes coming off.  
Caudal shots show that this is still a contract foot though its improving. There is a fairly deep central sulcus split which she had in shoes and which still has to heal up fully. 
Heel bulbs and digital cushion though are much better and she is heading towards more even loading. 
Same story on her RF which was the lamest foot when she arrived.  Notice how its not just that her frog is healthier but her foot is straighter on the limb than it was on day one. Its most likely this which has made the biggest difference to her soundness.

A much more balanced foot now and again nice fast hoof growth - the nail holes which were fairly high are grown out and the hoof has lost that convex profile too. 

A palmar hoof which is beginning to become stronger - still a way to go but lots to like so far!


RedsMum said...

Atta girl Itsy, good work put in there!

cptrayes said...

What interests me most about this horse is that if she had not been lame no one would have looked askance at those feet.


AmandaB said...

So in summary has the underlying problem been the fact that shoeing has left her unable to compensate for her slightly 'wonky front legs' ? Itsy now home and settled well, took her for a 20 minute walk in hand along the disused railway line making very little of the uneven and in parts rock strewn surfaces . Barefoot wins!

Nic Barker said...

I think quite possibly, Amanda - she wouldn't be alone and she's not even very wonky but for some horses it has to be perfect :-)

Great news and hope all continues to go well - will be in touch shortly!

Nic Barker said...

C - yes, they aren't bad feet at all, are they - except for not working ;-)