Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Seriously impressive!

A seriously impressive cluster of results and photos came in from the ex-rehab horses over the long weekend and I just have to start with Paddy, who has been out competing in endurance. 
Paddy was here last year with a combination of hoof and spinal problems so his rehab is doubly impressive and to see him looking like this is absolutely magical.
 Not only was he competing over 32km but they were awarded a grade 1 and he had a finishing heart rate of 39 - all credit to Emma for all her hard work!
Even better, he was still full of beans this morning and he and Emma were power-walking rather than just strolling when they went out exercising. Brilliant result :-)
Lucy and Amanda were out jumping with their customary flair and panache and came 9th!

I don't have a photo, but Susan and Abbey were also out competing - this time in dressage - and came 2nd with 70% in their first ever prelim test. Photos next time, please :-)

..and Clare and Paul have this lovely montage of photos to show for themselves - looking great together, as always...
 ...and here is Pete, looking transformed from the woolly pony who was here in the winter...
Finally, last but not least, Krista and Buddy went XC schooling - Go Buddy, go Buddy GO, GO, GO!
Loving that landing and looking the business :-) Here is the link to their full story: http://buddysbarefootadventure.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/xtrodinary-xc.html

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