Monday, 19 May 2014

Chester's 12 week update

I am late posting Chester's update as Helen and Dave were here last week but here we are - a little late but I hope worth waiting for. 
Day 1 and this is his better foot. Chester's full story is on his original post, for those who want a recap:
Comparing the recent photo there is a huge improvement in his frog from this angle as well as the sole overall. Much better heels too, which explain how he has managed to transform his landing from toe first to heel first over the same time. 
Apologies for the poor picture quality but his caudal shots are interesting too. There is a big change in angle but a correspondingly dramatic development in his digital cushion. The hoof wall is the same length as it was but there is much more inside the hoof capsule as I hope you can see.  

Here are his lateral shots - not a dramatic change from this angle but better palmar development and a shorter toe and again the better digital cushion is evident. 

 On his worse foot - which has been by far the most problematic and has caused Helen, Dave and I endless headaches, to be honest - he is also showing improvement and again has moved from toe first to heel first. The frog is better but has a long way still to go.

From this angle you can see that part of the problem is the central sulcus split. That is an ongoing issue today but there is again more development in the digital cushion which is encouraging. 
More on Chester before he goes home...

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Anonymous said...

Are you using anything in the central sulcus? Thrush prep or a ointment to help healing?