Monday, 12 May 2014

New boy Columbo

He's not just a new boy but a big boy - over 18 hands high, so the second biggest rehab horse we have had here!
He is only 8 but has had 2 years of lameness problems, both DDFT and collateral ligament damage which is worse on his RF. You can see that his heels are under-run and the sole shots show a very contracted frog. 
His frog should really be at least twice the size it is now and his digital cushion needs to be far stronger before it can support him properly. He's had a raft of conventional therapies which haven't improved him and he's been out of shoes for 8 months already so the next 4 weeks will be crucial. 
This is where we need to see changes - so there will be more on Columbo soon, of course. 


Maria said...

His bars have crunched his frog and he can't have been well-shod before.

amandap said...
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