Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hoof photos protocol

A few fellow hoof nerds (vets, farriers, trimmers etc) and I were talking a while ago about hoof photos and how important it is to be consistent in how we take them.

It sounds easy but in fact if you want a good record of how a horse's hooves are changing then getting photos right is important.

Of course, a photo alone can only give you a tiny clue about the horses' feet but in a horse you see regularly, photos are an essential part of record-keeping.

In the end we put together a protocol of the shots you need as a minimum and how to take them, and I thought you might be interested in it too.

Feel free to copy and distribute it if you find it useful  - I've included page shots here on the blog but if you'd like a copy of the protocol as a file just get in touch. As always, you can click on any photo to see the original, which is larger


Sarah said...

Brilliant! Thank you so much. I had printed a copy of a post with photos to help me figure out proper angles when taking photos, but this explains it much better!

amandap said...

Another hoof photo resource to point people to. Great, thank you.