Thursday, 29 May 2014

Prince's 4 week update

Prince has been here for 4 weeks now so its time for an update. He arrived with long under-run feet which had effectively collapsed at the back. He was landing flat and intermittently toe first in front and also had a medio-lateral imbalance on his RF.
Four weeks on and his foot is starting to be less under-run. He still has a long toe but regular blog readers will be aware that shortening the toe (tempting thought it may be to do so) before the palmar hoof has strengthened is a recipe for disaster. 
Prince is in fact growing in a new hoof capsule at a much better angle and this in itself will shorten his toe nicely over the next few months. 
Sole shots show some interesting developments...
Shortly after his shoes came off his feet looked like this (above) - fairly flat with shallow collateral grooves and weak bars and heels. His frog is also contracted though its a lot better than some. 
Four weeks later he has better collateral groove depth starting to develop but its clear from the shadows round his toe that he has very little support or sole depth at the front of his foot. As his new hoof capsule grows in this should improve quite rapidly; for now it makes it very clear just how long his toe is and how much shorter his break-over will be in a few weeks time. 
At the business end its encouraging, with a better frog and digital cushion beginning to appear. 

With the feather out of the way you can clearly see the new angle of growth and how much it will affect his toe length. 

A better palmar hoof over the last 4 weeks but lots still to do!

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