Wednesday, 21 May 2014

One for Edward...Get well soon!

Many of you - especially those of you who have had horses here for rehbab - will know Edward, who has been helping me out here for a number of years and who has been a friend of all the horses throughout that time.
Unfortunately Edward has not been well recently and I know all of you will be as good at sending Edward get well vibes as you always are when I ask for them for the horses, so a blog post seemed the ideal way to say get well soon and to send him all our love and good wishes.
I know that Dillon has always been one of Edward's firm favourites, as one of the first horses that he saw through from his arrival as a bit of a cripple in his wedges to going home full of promise and onwards to the fantastic job that Nicky has done since then.
So its only fitting to include these lovely photos of Dillon in this Get Well Soon post which were taken this weekend when Nicky and Dillon were placed 1st and 2nd in their classes with superb scores of 71% and 70%. Well done to both of you, and I know Nicky and all the other owners and horses would like to say, with me, thank you Edward for all you've done so far with the rehab horses and I hope you will be back very soon to help out with the current ones :-)

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dreams579 said...

Rest up and get well soon Ed! I still have the lovely letter you wrote as a thank you for the photo book :)

gorgeous photos of Mr Dillion too, and I'm not at all surprised seeing them going from strength to strength now. Can't wait to see him and Nicky again at the RRR