Monday, 26 May 2014

Feet from abroad...

We had 2 new arrivals last week - Betty and Duffy who flew in all the way from Dubai. Like Knightley they are returning to the UK after several years abroad and so they have spent the last few weeks in quarantine. 

Before that, they were kept in conditions very different from those we have here, and its fascinating to see the effect that this, plus restricted movement in quarantine, has had on their feet. 
Duffy is a proper cob and so has huge frogs which have completely overlaid his heels for the moment. It all looks pretty ugly until you pick the frog up and realise that the whole thing is desperate to shed off to a more functional size and shape.
There is also of course lots of long hoof wall which is already chipping and self-trimming so it will be intriguing to see how Duffy's feet develop over the weeks to come. 
Lateral shots show a rather under-run heel and weak digital cushion - not surprising given his recent lack of movement and again its something I will be watching with interest.  
 Betty's feet have slightly different issues, with the RF being weaker and more under-run than the LF, though she still has better feet than many horses when they arrive here.

 The difference between RF (above) and LF (below) is very clear on these photos, with the LF definitely the stronger foot.
As both Duffy and Betty have been out of shoes for a considerable time they had no real problems adjusting to life on our tracks but  - as they have lived on much softer surfaces in Dubai - they will both need a while before their hooves are strong enough to allow them to land correctly on tough surfaces.

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