Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Prince, one week in...

Its hard to believe that Prince has only been here for a week. He has settled right in (he has Jennie as his number 1 pal as you can see from yesterday's blog) and he is already making some good changes to his feet. 
As always, his day one photos are on the top and his comparison photos from one week on are below.
You can see from the nail-holes that his toe is shortening and more importantly the back of his foot is looking more supportive, even though this is still very early days.
Shoes are a real nuisance in so many ways - not least because they cover up too much of the foot and - as you can see from these photos - inhibit the function of the frog and heels which are the most important parts of the hoof for shock absorption and dorso-palmar balance. 
The real comparison photos will come in a couple more weeks when we can see what is really happening with his frog, heel and digital cushion. 
More of the same on Prince's right foot - lots of changes but the proof of the pudding should be more apparent in another 2 or 3 weeks.  

The frog is looking happier out of shoes already but he needs to sort out the medio-lateral balance on those heels and soles before he will be truly comfortable. 

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amandap said...

Fab progress already, can't just be the shoe removal that makes them look better.