Monday, 2 September 2013

The best summer for 7 years...

September already, but we can't complain - its been the best summer since 2006, certainly up here, and its been fantastic to have weeks of sunshine, warm weather and dry ground. 
The horses have loved it and so have I, and we've also been able to make masses of superb haylage, which will make whatever the winter throws at us that much more bearable.  
Meanwhile, look who came to see Dexter at the weekend...Yvonne and Kelly came to catch up and had a good bonding session with their special boy... 
..they even managed not to get lost!
There is news of the rehab horses too, as Remi went out competing this weekend - which I think must be his first competition since returning home. 
Congrats to him, Pip and Kimberley and the rest of "Team Remi" as he looks fantastic and scored very respectably in both Novice and Elementary classes. 
There is lots to tell you, as its a real "back to school" week with horses going home and arriving, so more tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Thanks Nic :-)

(Novice and Elementary rather than Prelim)

Nic Barker said...

Sorry! Will correct :-)