Friday, 6 September 2013

Thomas the Third's 14 week update

Thomas the Third has now been here for 14 weeks - he is staying a bit longer than normal which is always nice for me because I get to post more updates of his feet at later stages than I'd normally be able to.
Thomas arrived in shoes but with a fairly long term history of off and on lameness which was worse in his RF when he came here. Although he had fairly typical long toes and under-run heels he also had poor medio-lateral balance and this seemed likely to be the biggest issue for him, as he particularly struggled on camber and on turns.
14 weeks later and things are looking a lot more comfortable.  He has a shorter toe and more supportive heel and is growing in his hoof capsule at the usual steeper angle, which indicates that the new growth is better connected and healthier.
These comparison shots of his LF show clearly how much change has been happening in the orientation of his feet. There is a much stronger frog now and though his medio-lateral balance is still improving the new hoof growth should result in a much more balanced hoof, overall.
Most importantly, he is much sounder and more comfortable on his feet and no longer stands like this!
There will of course be more on Thomas before he goes home. 

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