Thursday, 26 September 2013

Arnold's 3 week update

Arnold has been here just 3 weeks and its time for his update. He arrived just out of shoes following his lameness investigation and was landing toe first in front and flat behind.  
These comparison photos are interesting because from the lateral view it looks as if his palmar hoof isn't really stronger today, but in fact when you look at his foot from the sole its a different story. 

A big difference in frog and heel strength over 3 weeks - especially important where you have a lameness which blocks to the palmar hoof, so this is an encouraging start. 

This is Arnold's lamer foot but its less under-run. Three weeks on there is some good new growth but lots still to do, of course.

This is the foot with the worse medio-lateral balance and its that which will need to change over the next few weeks. 

And here he is with his pals in his new hippy lifestyle!

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