Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Aleska's 12 week update

Aleska went home at the weekend and has already been out and about on her home ground. So far, so good: Kerry says: "Fantastic, feels so different - it used to feel like I was riding a jelly horse but she feels so steady now!"
 Perhaps its not surprising she used to feel like a jelly as her feet were longer than she wanted and not very supportive. Compare the difference in the length of her toe and heel; her foot just looks more business-like and capable now and even though she has another 3 months or so before she completely grows in her hoof capsule you can clearly see in the lower photo the new angle of growth.
These sole shots are interesting because the orientation of her frog has changed quite significantly. One of Aleska's issues was poor medio-lateral balance and a change like this, coupled with improved soundness, is a good sign that things are heading in the right direction. 
 Clearly lots more still needs to change but her toe will shorten as the new growth comes in and although her foot s still asymmetric from this angle the palmar hoof is much more balanced.
 From this angle you can see why there are still lots of changes to come and why the palmar hoof is further on. You can I hope also see that the imbalances in her sole will be much better once the new growth is fully down.
Footage now added below...

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