Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mina's 12 week update

Late blog again, apologies, because Mina went home on Monday and its only now that I've managed to  upload her photos and video - sorry Mina and Helen!
Mina arrived in reverse shoes and having had a prolonged period of box-rest and on bute. Her feet have changed a lot and are still changing -  as with most rehab horses she has gone home with several months of hoof changes still to go. 
Here are her comparison photos from the day she arrived til the day she went home. 
This was her lamest foot and from the photos the biggest change is in her shorter toe. In shoes this was achieved by heavily rasping her toe but now the angle of her new hoof is bringing her toe back more effectively.
Mina was already landing heel first but her biggest issue was medio-lateral balance. Here is a still from her footage on the day she arrived. She was landing laterally on both feet but her RF was worst.
 Compare that with the still from 12 weeks later...
The full footage is below for those who want to have a detailed look.

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