Monday 23 September 2013

Weekend ups and downs

Its hard to believe that a week ago the RRR had only just finished - we had such a great time but it already seems like months ago!

The slow motion footage which I posted last week has been a huge success, I'm glad to say, and was a really worthwhile use of the time and resources - it has had over 6,000 plays in the 6 days it has been up which just goes to show how interesting people find bare hooves :-)
However, one of the sad parts of this weekend was saying goodbye to the wonderful Freya, the vet student who has been with us for the last fortnight. She came to the RRR and kindly rode Felix for the slow-mo film but has also been invaluable back at Rockley. 
She has spent time updating Project Dexter (and if you are a rehab owner and haven't yet spoken to her, you soon will!), mucking out, shifting masses of hay and haylage, exercising horses and generally proving herself indispensible - we will really miss her now that she has gone back to uni but hope she comes back to see us before too long!
On a completely different note, this stunning photo came from another weekend event - the wedding of Annette and Haakan, starring the gorgeous Pocholo (who was a rehab here some years ago) - the bride and groom don't look too shabby either :-) Congratulations to them and I'm sure they will have many happy years together.

Of course I am still behind with the blog - there are several new kids on the block whose photos and footage are already late - I WILL get on to them this week, I promise!

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