Thursday, 12 September 2013

Chester's 12 week update

Chester has now been here 12 weeks and is off on the lorry with us today bound for the RRR, so time for his last update. 
 These are stills from his footage (which is below for those who want to see the whole thing) and chart his progress from toe-first LF, flat RF to heel first on both, albeit more established on the RF than the LF at the moment.
At the moment the objective is to consolidate the progress he has made so far and try and build up the strength in his palmar LF so that he no longer needs to protect it. For a young horse Chester had a lot of damage (to tendons, ligaments bone and cartilage) showing up in his palmar hoof on MRI.
Its a good start that he is now able to load the palmar hoof more correctly but he has months of work ahead of him before his hoof is as strong as it can be and properly supportive of his limb. 
Hoof pics to follow if I get the chance in between loading up the lorry for the RRR...Off later today and of course there will be lots of news from there next week, I hope!

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Julie said...

I never get bored of seeing these changes from toe first to heel first - lovely! Good luck Chester with the homework and have fun at RRR everyone!