Friday 30 August 2013

Charlie B's last update

Its nearly time for Charlie B to go home - he's been here a bit longer than usual because of house moves and holidays and his feet have made lots of changes. he had a diagnosis of ringbone and it was clear from day one that medio-lateral balance was one of his biggest issues. 
Here he is in his shoes - and lamest RF. 
Today, a much happier stance even though he still has a small amount of new hoof capsule to grow in. 
One indication of better m/l balance is a more level hairline.
You can also see the angle of new growth which is growing in steeper and bringing his toe back. 
Here is his worse foot from the sole. 
A healthier frog and sole now although some way to go still before its as good as it can be. 
Similar story on his LF. The long toe in the lower shot will disappear as the new hoof grows down further. 
Again, a better hairline and a more supportive heel. 
 Caudal shots show not only how his digital cushion has developed but look at the hoof wall. You can identify the deviation in the top shot which was making his feet splay whereas today with shorter, straighter hoof wall he stands comfortably under himself.

 Finally LF frog and sole shots with again a healthier frog though it still has some way to go. Footage to follow!


amandap said...
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FD said...

Interesting. Looking in particular at the 3rd and 4th photos, it looks like he needed to straighten out the hairline (rearrange the internal structures?) as first priority, which gives an appearance of there being less heel and a longer toe in the 4 than 3 yet it's clear from the growth line in 4 that the foot when grown in will go back to having more heel. Is this cyclic kind of improvement common, and do you think it might be part of the reason that so many people seem to think that their horses feet get worse when shoes are removed? I ask because I've heard quite a few people say things like 'oh no, I tried taking his shoes off but his heels collapsed'. That never made sense to me before but looking at those photos I can see how they might get that superficial impression. Of course, looking at the sole shots tells a different story, but a lot of people don't look from that angle for some reason. 145