Monday, 12 August 2013

Its 4 weeks on Fryday...

Hard to believe but Fryday has been here for 4 weeks. He arrived in bar shoes but those have been off for 4 weeks too. 
I know the biggest change appears to be in the fact that he has become hairy and muddy but that is more a result of the change in the weather than anything else! 
If you look more closely the angle of the heel as also improved and there is a lot of growth - the nail holes are already nearly grown out despite the fact that he arrived in shoes. 
This isn't a fair comparison because of course you can't see anything under the bar shoe and pad but today his frog is improving even though the symmetry and heels have a long way to go.   

Same on the right foot - lots of growth in evidence along with a shorter toe but this is only the beginning. 


rod said...

Hi Nic, What I'm wondering about is how comfortable is this horse on your gravel tracks and how many miles does she walk per day? With soles like this is she not at risk for sole bruising?

Unknown said...

Hi, your Website has been recommended to me by a good friend, who's trimming my Horse since I've decided to take the shoe's off my Horse 2month ago. Well, my smart Horse told me to take them off, since he's been lame on and off for6 month. He's got Navicular and I thought, since my Horse is really smart about Healing, he will cope.My Vet is really scared, that this will all go wrong and so was I the first 6 weeks. MY horse has got really tiny feet, after being shot at the age of 3 for going WesternReining andCutting. With me now he's been out going Eventing. We've always tried to get his Hoofs wider, but now I've learned, that this hardly possible with shoes on. I' ve kind off resigned ourselves Hacking out in Hoofboots, but now reading this, it sounds like we are having Hope, that we can in time start going out again jumping and galloping around. THANKS for your interesting Bloqs. I will following them.

Nic Barker said...

She is a he and actually has mush tougher soles than they appear - the old thing about photos being deceptive!

Best of luck with your horse, Grit - hope all goes well.