Monday, 5 August 2013

Jumping and more jumping - rehabs do it bare!

Great updates from the weekend again.
Lucy and Amanda have had another successful outing competing BE90:

"We had such a brilliant time yesterday at Skipton, with a fair amount of rain the night before the ground was perfect going again. 

We managed a 35.5 dressage, unfortunately had 2 down in the SJ but went clear XC, had a fair few time faults but super chuffed we made it round. Time was very tight only 4mins .18 secs and very few came in the time. 

It was a very hilly course with some steep down hill runs at some points but Lucy coped exceptionally well, very sure footed and balanced (who needs studs in this game???!!!). She faced some bold fences and jumped her little heart out, so proud!"
And Buddy and Krista also went jumping:

"What a day, Buddy's first XC ride.. 10 miles, 25 odd jumps and fabulous going. 

We've had our first XC fences since going lame and he was a super star and loved every second (even got a compliment on how capable his new feet are)!"


Unknown said...

I saw the grey mare at Skipton and noticed the bare feet - go BF! She looked fab well done x

amandap said...

Such a beautiful horse. Shame I'm not 'Amanda'. lol Well done both of you.

Nic Barker said...

Ah, thanks Jessica and Amanda P.

Huge credit goes not only to both Amanda and Lucy but to Sam, who sent her here, and to Steve Leigh who looks after her hooves currently :-)

AmandaB said...

Congratulations to both Amanda and Krista and of course their fabulous horses. It's really encouraging to read these updates look forward to many more !