Tuesday 20 August 2013

Ruby Tuesday

Who remembers Ruby, the coloured cob who was here earlier in the year? She had been diagnosed with collateral ligament damage in both front feet and had also had hind limb suspensory problems. 
Linked to the collateral ligament damage was a medio-lateral imbalance in front which had led to her twisting and dishing.
Ruby went home several months ago and has been working steadily since then and yesterday her owner posted a lovely update on the rehabs' forum. 

"Ruby is now so happy, her grumpiness has all but disappeared along with her dishing.

If I had listened to the vets Ruby would no longer be with us

But I decided to listen to Nic and now I have a pony who is walking, trotting and cantering quite happily out and about and is comfortable on all but the most rocky of surfaces

We even have our first lesson booked for this Weds so I'm keeping my fingers crossed until then."

Well done Sarah and Ruby and we'll all keep everything crossed for you - you've done really well and deserve every success!


cptrayes said...

great news Sarah. And to think that after all the Rubys that we have now, I am still trying to persuade a friend of a friend not to put down her shod 7 year old Connemara cross with collateral ligament strain.


Nic Barker said...

:-( .....

amandap said...

I remember Ruby as I love her markings. Great stuff.