Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Your Horse article!

I had a call back in November from a writer who was doing an article on barefoot for Your Horse magazine and its in the current issue :-)

They have featured gorgeous Bailey, a rehab from over 2 years ago - and as always huge thanks to Lainey, who agreed to tell his story yet again to the journalist. He makes a very fitting pin-up!
I've been involved in a quite a few articles for horsey magazines over the years but I think this is definitely one of the clearest and most informative.

I hope it will not only encourage lots of owners but also give them the tools to make an informed choice about whether to go barefoot or whether to stay shod - after all, as all of you know all too well, its not simply a case of whipping shoes off and hoping for the best!


dreams579 said...

oooh! brilliant! will be a very interesting read in tesco next week!

Flynn said...
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Media Wurzel said...

Great! it'll be the first time I've read a horse magazine in years. They usually just recycle the same old rubbish articles again and again. I'll be sure to make some positive feedback! Oh and Happy New Year.

cptrayes said...

Can't promise to buy it but I'm off to read it on the shelf :-)

Well done Nic, now it's in the mainstream magazines the vets are going to find it much harder to write off horses that can be rehabbed without the owner raising questions.


Nic Barker said...

Happy New Year boys :-)

C, I will have a side bet with you ;-)

jenj said...

So glad to see articles like these finally making it to mainstream publications. Hopefully there will be LOTS more like them in the near future!

alfiebeansue said...

I read it a few days ago, very good, as you would expect :-)