Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Buddy's 8 week update

Buddy, a 6 yr old eventer, has now been here 8 weeks. His owner was down this weekend and we are both really pleased with his progress. He has massively improved on a circle (he had been assessed as 2/10 lame by his vet) and has for the first time started to open out in front and drive through from behind. 
He is also steadily becoming more competent on hard surfaces and these changes are borne out by the changes in his feet. Above is his RF on arrival - not the foot he was lamest on but the worse foot in terms of structure and appearance. 
There are many more changes he needs to make but he is beginning to develop stronger and thicker soles and his palmar hoof is considerably stronger, meaning he can now land consistently heel first. 
Lateral shots show that he is more stable in the palmar hoof and more willing to load it as opposed to standing on tiptoe as he was above. As a result the hairline is less distorted though again he has a long way to go as he only has an inch or so of good hoof capsule at the moment. 
The LF was his lamer foot but was less contracted.
Still its also becoming steadily stronger and more healthy.

Lateral shots again show the new angle of hoof growth  - only an inch today but in a few months he will have a whole new hoof capsule and should be feeling ready to take on the world. 

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Krista said...

Still can't believe it. Had the best weekend and Buddy has surpassed all my hopes and expectations. Am so curious to see that final hoof.