Thursday, 24 January 2013

Remi - nearly 6 weeks

Remi has now been here nearly 6 weeks and the snow has provided a great opportunity to get beautifully clean hoof pics. 
When he arrived, once of Remi's problems was that his front feet weren't landing correctly - he was toe first and landing on the lateral side of his hooves, as we could see on video. The frog in the photo above is ok but has definitely improved over the last few weeks, as you can see in the subsequent photos.
Three weeks later and his frog is beginning to improve - interestingly from this photo it looks as if he was still landing laterally as that half of his frog is still a lot stronger. 
Fast forward another 2 and a bit weeks and a couple of interesting things have happened. Firstly his frog is much more symmetrical - a sign his foot is loading more evenly - and secondly his whole hoof looks straighter on his leg than in the first photo. 
His heels are still under-run but he is already standing with his feet more underneath him and I think his hairline is more even. 
You can also see from this angle that although he doesn't have the dramatic angle change I see in some (mostly shod) horses, he is growing stronger hoof wall in the top inch of his hoof. 


Anonymous said...

Love to see those progress photos - I don't comment every time but always appreciate them.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Very nice, these images are always great reminders that things can/will change if offered the right tools :)