Friday, 4 January 2013

The legend continues...

Blog readers from 2012 will remember Legend - he of the bizarre "flipper" feet who arrived with a host of issues including navicular and laminitis and long-standing lameness.
He was always a real charmer but everyone - including me - thought his prognosis for a full recovery was guarded when we saw his feet on arrival and how uncomfortable he was. 
As we saw his feet changing radically (the photo below was taken a couple of months after the top photo) we became gradually more optimistic but it was still clear it would be a long haul before Legend's feet were as good as they could be. 
Fast forward to Christmas 2012 and Legend was clearly back on form and having a whale of a time. But as well as festive partying, he has been working brilliantly - which of course is the key to maintaining and improving bare hooves - and Lucy and Hannah have been tireless in ensuring he has the best possible diet on his new yard.
He is even showing off his new, improved hooves (grown, not trimmed, of course!) - which now take him over everything - a far cry from the footsore chap who could barely turn on our concrete barn floor when he first arrived. 
What a smart boy - and I can hardly wait to see how he gets on in 2013!

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M's mum said...

This is such great news - go Legend!! (and Legend's owners!)