Friday, 25 January 2013

Some horses just love the snow!

Of the rehab horses here at the moment, Buddy and Remi are now thoroughly bored and annoyed with the snow. Its cold, wet, covers up the grass and is deep and drifty to walk in. 
Beano and Dave, by contrast, can't get enough of it. Beano in particular can be a bit of a grumpy old codger both with other horses and out exercising but give him a foot of snow and he is as happy as larry and marches out full of enthusiasm and clearly relishing the views as well... every gateway these are the ears...and the only time he really gets cross is when we turn for home.
Bless him! I haven't dared break the news that the snow is melting over the weekend...
By way of consolation, just look how his (already nice) hooves have changed over the 7 and a bit weeks that he has been here. The snow helps because it scours hooves sparklingly clean but what is surprising - to me - is how tidy and chiselled his hoof appears. It hasn't been trimmed or even touched with a knife or rasp but Beano has well-balanced feet and has done it all himself - clever boy!

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Unknown said...

Gorgeous pics, it's amazing how many of my friends complain they can't ride in the snow, we never have a problem ;-)