Thursday, 10 January 2013

Beano's 5 week update

Beano is a trakehner who arrived here in December already long term barefoot but with a weak palmar hoof and a history of sensitivity to hard ground. 
As you can see, there was already a lot to like about his feet - good concavity, healthy frogs and fairly even loading - and he was therefore able to do more at an earlier stage than some horses who come here.
Changes and improvements in already good feet do still occur but of course are less dramatic. Still its nice to see that his frog and palmar hoof are becoming stronger and are developing better structure.
The main difference from the lateral shot is the shorter toe - there is a difference in angle as he was standing on a slope in the lower photo (too dark in the barn!) which is a bit misleading. I'll try and get his next update on a brighter day! 

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Andrea said...

I am so immature... "Beano" is a supplement here that people take when they have the farts... I can't help but laugh!