Monday, 28 January 2013

Buddy - nearly home

Buddy will be going home in a couple of weeks and since Krista couldn't get down to see him because of the snow I thought I'd better post an update. 
These are his feet on the day he arrived and - below - scoured lovely and clean by the snow. Big changes in the back of the foot, where it was needed and although its still quite a flat foot its now looking much more healthy.

This is the lateral view of the same foot. You can see in the lower photo that there is now a big angle change clearly visible and this will result in a shorter toe and stronger, less under-run heel as it grows down. 

As usual, I haven't trimmed this foot - it really didn't need stuff taken away - quite the reverse. In fact what Buddy needed was the stimulus to grow stronger internal structures. That can really only be achieved through correct movement and better biomechanics. 
Although he only has the beginnings of a healthier foot, his movement is already improving. He is also becoming steadily more confident and capable on hard surfaces even though he has a long way to go til he has grown a fully concave foot.

For comparison, here is his RF - not the lamest foot but the worse in appearance and structure. 
Even so, its rebalancing nicely.  Buddy still has lots of work to do but he is heading in the right direction. 


Krista said...

Thank you :0) I say it every time but its crazy to see the journey his feet are going on. There's been some serious growth in the last two weeks. And that circle footage... Unless I'm missing something you have to be there to se.. He's sound :0D

cptrayes said...

You need an edit - "now more healthy" instead of "not more healthy" :-))))


Nic Barker said...

LOL! Thanks C - take yourself a proof-reading gold star :-) Well spotted! Thanks again!

cptrayes said...

My favourite ever was in th efirst paragraph of a Consultancy report about the company I was working for - "Brann has a number of desperate methods of project management".

Never a truer word spoken in a typo!