Friday, 18 January 2013

NOW we've got snow!

Well if we are going to have snow we may as well have it properly...
Some nice drifts with the strong east wind blowing!

The dogs are loving it :-)
I'll no doubt have more pics once I've exercised the horses - nothing better than barefoot in the snow! 


dreams579 said...

Ha! and you thought your were getting rain :p

Have fun :) I'm sure Dex and me will enjoy some equally snowy riding at the weekend!

Samantha Beckett said...
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Samantha Beckett said...

Ohhhh wishing for a bottle of red wine and a big hearty sunday roast..... :)

cptrayes said...

I'm snowed in. The wind is more than I can bear to ride out in so no-one is going to get much exercise today except me, I'm about to go and work off my energy on a treadmill in the hay loft!