Friday, 23 March 2012

Horse seeks rider...

I had an email earlier in the week, and after checking with the sender, it seemed like the most useful thing I could do was to share her post here.
"I am trying to find a barefoot home for my horse, photo attached. I have owned him since he was two, he is now nine, and he has never worn shoes - he is 15.1hh (he rides bigger) and is an American standard-bred.

For the last two years we have been doing NCRs with EGB South East group, plus all local sponsored rides. He will go at speed all day over any terrain without boots and never puts a foot wrong.

The problem is I have constant back problems and can no longer ride as much as I would like, which does not suit Merlin. He is a very active horse and needs regular work to keep him sane, although he has always been a responsive (but fast) ride with excellent brakes, he becomes very ADHD if he is not kept occupied! 

If he has plenty to do he is a dream horse that you can take anywhere and do anything with.

He is being advertised on the EGB website, but I think it would be such a shame if he went to someone who promptly put shoes on, which is why I was hoping you might know of someone looking for a horse to do endurance with, or at least very long hacks!

Finding him a home where he will be kept barefoot, used and enjoyed, is much more important than price."

I am sure you agree, he sounds like a little cracker, so if any of you can help and are seeking a barefoot endurance horse or fun all rounder, do get in touch with his owner, Antonia, directly:

I'd be tempted myself if I didn't already have a rock-crunching 15.1hh pocket rocket with a huge work ethic...I highly recommend them, by the way :-)


nirikina said...

He sounds perfect and I wish I had room for two.

I am currently taking my own standardbred barefoot. It will be quite a while before we're back to our long hacks and picnic rides.

jenj said...

Are you suuuuure Felix doesn't need a partner in crime? ;)

Dom said...

Aww, I'd take him in a heart beat if I wasn't a world away.

Deered said...

How much to parcel post to NZ? I hope this post helps him find a great home. And I hope the owners back issues are able to be sorted with time.