Thursday, 1 March 2012

How long to change a hoof? How long to change a mind?

I promised Bailey G's owners an update but even I was surprised at the difference in his hooves, as he has only been here for 2 weeks.  

Bailey had been on box-rest for several months before that and though remedial farriery had improved his medio-lateral balance, there were problems as the back of his hoof seemed to be weakening. 
This is the same hoof, 2 weeks apart.  Bailey is now out of shoes and moving on the tracks but has not started in-hand or ridden work yet.  Still, there are initial changes obvious, particularly with the frog. The other interesting change is the length of the hoof wall - the capsule is shortening and seems less distorted so let's hope that rebalancing continues.

Here is the RF, to give you the whole picture. Again, the frog is key to the hoof changing but contrast the sole texture as well. It will be interesting to see how the changing medio-lateral balance is reflected in future sole shots. 
Of course, photos, as ever, can only give hints - everything is encouraging so far, but the proof of the pudding will be if we can improve Bailey's soundness.  I'm hopeful, but that will have to wait for future updates. 

It takes a lot longer to change peoples' minds, usually, but I had an incredible piece of news from Wiola yesterday, via Facebook:

"More news from Poland...I am told that after receiving your book as a gift from Anna Stępkowska's publishing company, Malgorzata Morsztyn, Polish international dressage rider and trainer ( pulled shoes off all of her horses...
Her achievements include: 
- 7-time medalist Polish Senior Championships - Dressage,
- Polish Champion (2000),
- World Cup finalist (2001)
- Professional cooperation - Johann Riegler (Chief Instructor for the Spanish Riding School, since 2006)
- Collaboration with Dr. Gerd Heuschmannem (2011)

I guess it's not just for happy hackers and endurance...


Astonishing and fantastic in equal measure - and its less than a year since "Feet First" was launched in Poland, though the interest and enthusiasm of the horseowners when we visited for a 2 day seminar was very impressive :-)

Meanwhile, there is a VERY important blog post up tomorrow - I've been waiting weeks to tell you about it, so don't miss it ;-)


Neets Human said...

Wow Bailey is a change agent.. (sorry management training speak ;) ) and what fantastic news from Poland.. momentum is gaining

Sara said...

That looks like an amazing change (though am only just starting to get my eye in on all this!) and very encouraging. Thanks so much Nic


Media Wurzel said...

Tease. Break tradition and post an afternoon blog with whatever news you have go on go on...

jenj said...

Wow, Bailey G is certainly getting right to work there!

Nic, how do you know when to start in-hand work? I realize it's different with every horse, but are there key signs you look for in hoof form/function that clue you in?

Nic Barker said...

Jen, its such a tricky one - I don't want people to think there is a template, because every horses is different, but I will try and put something together for the blog next week.