Sunday, 4 March 2012

Nico - charting a changing hoof

Nico went home last Tuesday, but I've only managed to put his comparison photos up today.
He arrived in half shoes and pads, which his owner felt had started to improve his caudal hoof - certainly I've seen a lot worse hooves on arrival, but he was landing toe first and worse on his RF.

For me there are 2 big differences between his hooves on arrival and when he left  - the shorter toe angle and the less underrun heel - and of course they are linked.  The line halfway down his hoof (above) gives a clue as to how fast his hoof has grown, but he still has another 3-4 months before his new hoof capsule has fully grown in at the correct angle. 

Again, Nico's hooves haven't needed as much radical change as some but the toe is shortening, the heel is strengthening and the whole hoof if more robust, business-like and balanced than it was.
This is borne out by his movement, which has improved in front, particularly on his RF.
These shots are for anyone who thinks hooves do better loading peripherally...
Nico and his compadres beg to disagree :-)  Look at the digitial cushion if you are in doubt as to how hooves with caudal hoof problems are happier loading!


Bikerchickone said...

Amazing what the hooves can do when given the chance. Have you heard from Emma to say how Nico's getting on?

Nic Barker said...

Nico's doing well back at home, thanks Nikki :-) Emma is having to switch to night time turnout, like lots of us, because the grass is risky at the moment, but so far so good :-)

dreams579 said...

I'm amazed at the changes to his digi cushion - i knew they had improved, but looking back on the comparison now, its very striking.

Night turn out ok so far... we will see if that continues!

But he had been so amazingly chilled out since being back... I'm starting to worry he is plotting something!

Nic Barker said...

LOL! Keep us posted, Emma :-)