Thursday, 8 March 2012

Two good vets

I have stories of two good vets for you - I am sure there are more - these are just the ones I came across yesterday :-)
The first is the vet who is responsible for Nico coming here.  He is not Emma's vet but is the veterinary consultant for her insurance company.  When her vet referred Nico here, the insurers hadn't come across Rockley before and so asked him to investigate.  He is an extremely eminent equine specialist, so I was slightly in awe when I received his call but we had a good chat and I emailed him lots of info before Nico came down.

It seemed only polite to send him an update now that Nico is back home but I didn't really expect a response so I was delighted to receive an email from him, not only giving me some helpful advice on how to make the hoof photos more useful for vets in future but also showing real interest in how Nico was doing.

[Since a number of owners have had dealings with a less helpful - and in fact downright unprofessional - insurance company, I will probably devote a future blog to a who's who of the best and worst insurers...]

My second good vet of the day belongs to Cristina and Frankie, who is a Rockley "old boy" who was here 2 years ago.  He has done well since going home but recently went lame.

Cristina duly called out her vet for a full lameness work-up and we were both worried that he would focus on the feet, which historically were the main source of Frankie's problems; its good to be able to report that we were completely wrong.  Unfortunately, Frankie has a suspensory injury - nothing to do with his feet - but of course that isn't much consolation to him or Cristina, so lots of good vibes for them both, please - you guys are so good at that :-)


dreams579 said...

I was chatting via email with the lady i've been dealing with at shearwater, and apparently mr eminent vet has been very interested and they have been forwarding all the various documents i've emailed to him. My contact at shearwater has been amazed looking at all the photos and says she would definitely consider it for her horses now, and she also thinks mr eminent vet would definitely recommend it for other horses too.

Given how awkward shearwater had been regarding the rest of the claim, i was really surprised they decided to cover the cost of Rockley without a real battle. they are definitely in the good list for now!

Nic Barker said...

Brilliant news - they are definitely going on the good list :-)