Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ted's updated footage

Ted the QH arrived here back in November and has been here over 4 months now. He was due to go home at the beginning of March but logistics have meant he has stayed a bit longer.  The nice thing about that is that I can post photos of his feet at a more advanced stage of rehab - so here he is. 
Day one, in his remedial shoes, with a long toe and under-run heel.
In this photo you can see the new angle of growth...
...and here is the hoof capsule today, with a good two-thirds of the capsule grown in at the new angle.  Its shortening his toe as well as bringing his heels back.
Same story from this angle - but compare how long the hoof wall is in the shod photo compared to...
...the same hoof today.

Finally, his sole shot - not much to see in the shoe...
 the typical weak frog and long toe just out of shoes...
...and today a frog which is in much better proportion - I'm sorry for the dirt, but you can see his breakover (the green line) which is where the dorsal wall will end when the new hoof capsule is fully grown in.  
Finally, here is his recent footage on a circle.  Unfortunately I don't have earlier footage, when he was quite clearly unlevel on the left rein but he will continue to improve as his new hoof grows in completely.
Ted on a circle from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

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