Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bailey and barefoot at breakfast

Bailey Griffiths has now been here 4 weeks, and its time for me to update his photos.  I will add new footage of him shortly.  He arrived straight from box rest and for the first day or so, found the increased movement of being on the tracks tiring but he nevertheless enjoyed having more space and company and has settled in really well. 
Over 4 weeks, his hooves have already started to change.  The top photo is the day he arrived...
....this photo is the day after his shoes were removed, and the lower photo is today. 
Bailey has big changes still to make but his frog is healthier and his heels less under-run and his foot is beginning to function again. 
Frogs can't work in a bar shoe!
I will post more on Bailey soon, but yesterday also saw the barn radio (which is always tuned to radio 2) broadcasting news about Chris Evans becoming interested in barefoot.  Not horses, of course, but fascinating nonetheless...You can find it on the BBC iplayer at 2:11:55 onwards...

Thanks to Phil Hunter for sending me the relevant snippet specially for the blog, but I can't show it here for some reason, only the link :-(

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