Monday, 26 March 2012

Domino - 4 week update

Domino has now been here for 4 weeks - I can't believe how the time has flown - and its time for his 4 week update pics. As usual, I've posted photos of the same hoof at the same angle to get as close a comparison as possible. 
Here is his RF on day one - notice the position of the nail holes, because it gives you an idea of his growth rate in 4 weeks (below).  Its typical for most horses here that the nail holes have grown out completely within 6 weeks. 
Below is his heel shot - to my mind its always one of the most interesting angles to photograph a hoof from - particularly when the horse in question has a diagnosed problem which blocks to the palmar/caudal hoof.  Dom in shoes had basically nice feet with a reasonably healthy frog but even with extremely sympathetic shoeing the frog is not getting sufficient stimulus and is way off the ground.
This effectively means the hoof loads round the edge (peripherally) on hard ground; see what a contrast there is in the same frog 4 weeks later - more robust because it has been put back into ground contact, on surfaces which are supportive enough to ensure Dom is comfortable. 
Another comparison, this time of stance.  One of the tests that Dom's vet and owner decided they would use to check whether he was improving during rehab here was to assess whether his pointing had improved.   When he arrived, he could stand square in front for short periods but fidgeted, and once you asked him to pick up a back foot he shifted to stand like this.
Now, although he does still point he naturally stands square for much of the time. Its not yet 100% but he certainly seems to be heading in the right direction.
 Here is the sister shot to the caudal photo above - confirmation that even when the foot is on the ground, the frog is not in contact on a level surface.  In fact there is considerable clearance between the frog and the floor.
The same foot today - and I would be risking my fingers if I tried to get them under his frog now! 
Finally, his sole shot.  The proportions of his feet are also changing as his frog, heels and digital cushion become more robust. 
His heels are still out of balance, as you can see, but that will improve with time and work. Domino has a great attitude and really enjoys being back in work so putting the mileage on these hooves is no hardship for him.
He's already made great progress and I hope that when his owners come and see him next week there will be lots to show them.

Domino from Nic Barker on Vimeo.


jenj said...

He's looking great under all the fuzz!

cptrayes said...

What is it with the bad hair day round the fetlocks !! Hilarious :-))))


Nic Barker said...

LOL! He is AKA Mr Fuzzy-felt - for Jen, Fuzzy-felt was a kid's toy in the 70s with sticky velcro pieces(!)