Monday, 12 March 2012

Something from the weekend

A weekend of contrast at Rockley, with Saturday misty, murky and damp and Sunday glorious - blue sky, birdsong, daffodils and all the other harbingers of spring lined up to make us feel happy :-)

Luckily, though Domino's family came to see him on the wrong day (as far as the weather was concerned),  it was a good day both for him and Georgia, who has known him all her life.
It may sound anthropomorphic, but I often see horses appear to show renewed pride and confidence when they are back in work and get their "old job" back, and Domino is a prime example.

Normally horses don't go into ridden work here within their first 10 days(!), but Georgia was desperate to ride and Dom was desperate to be ridden, so we made an exception and although they didn't go very far, it made them both very happy :-)

You'll have to excuse the sand (? I assume) on the lens of my camera - it was just the point-and-squirt camera that I happened to have in my pocket.  We are also aware that Georgia's stirrups aren't ideal, but there were 3 adults within spitting distance, Dom is an old pro, and next time she will bring proper irons and leathers!

For completeness, here are some quick hoof comparison shots, though as Dom has been here such a short time there is still a lot to do.


Mojo'sMomma said...

Dom's hoof looks a lot like my guy's feet. There is hope then!

Unknown said...

Love that Domino, my sort of cob. My cob was sporting a small child this weekend too.....

Nic Barker said...

Indi, even the worst feet are capable of improving :-)

LOL Helen - it was certainly the weather for it :-)

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Little girls + horses = ♡ Adorable video. :)