Saturday 13 August 2011

Smart, soggy, chestnut boys

Amid the usual torrential Exmoor summer weather we had a visit on Thursday from Sarah, who came to see Zan...
and Kelly who came to see Dexter - luckily they both brought waterproofs(!)
Sarah had never visited Exmoor before, and as she put it, very politely: "It has its own micro-climate!"
Zan is delighted to be going out and about, no matter what the weather, and it was lovely to see Sarah having such a great time with Zan, whom I know she had been missing terribly.
Dex meanwhile had to show off to Kelly that he now knows everything about Exmoor, hunting, working on wet ground and rain...What a poser  ;-)

BTW, spare a thought for Andy, who has spent the last 5 days with his god-son on a camping trip (!) in the Lake District (yes - the place which has had nothing but gale force winds and floods all week)...So although its poured down here for 3 days I think I'd best not complain... 

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